“You will grieve as deeply as you loved”


After the loss of a beloved pet we have shared a very close bond with, we may find ourselves feeling lost and restless.  An unfamiliar and undeniable ache deep in our body that you can not rid yourself of. Many friends and family are at a loss for words that give any relief.

Thankfully, we now live in a time where more people are beginning to understand the devastation brought on by the loss of this physical bond. There are more resources available now than ever to turn to for help. I began my journey of helping heal the hearts of those suffering this ache many years ago. Now I would like to add to that an offering of specially chosen gifts as well as guidance. Having survived many such losses in my adult life as well as working in the field of animal health, I am certified and trained on pet loss counseling by the Association of Pet loss and Bereavement in Brooklyn, New York. I am also a certified Reiki Energy Healer level 1. I am in the process of adding flower essence and aromatherapy certification to my education for helping the bereaved.

Visit my website (page navigation at top) for gifts of comfort for yourself, friends and family, as we celebrate the emotional and spiritual bond of our angel pets that can never be broken. Advice on grieving, the journey and tips to help get through some of the worst days you may ever experience in your life. The journey leading us to realization that we are truly blessed to have crossed paths with our special companion in this crazy world we live in. To be forever thankful for the true lessons that each treasured pet teaches us and honor them until we meet again.



Gifts & Guidance through pet loss,

a journey down the path with angels

The Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay,

Love isn’t Love until it’s given away.

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